ABOUT you and me

You’re in business to make a differencE

Whether you’re a for-profit with an exciting global vision or a local non-profit transforming your community, you know you can make a greater impact—if you can only reach more people with your message. But it can seem next to impossible to cut through the noise.

  • Do your potential clients and peers see you as an authority?
  • Does your online content build trust, drive traffic, and most importantly deliver measurable results?
  • Does your website make you proud and shine a spotlight on your successes as well as your expertise?

If not (or if you’re not sure) we should talk!

Hi. I'm Leanne.

I’ve been an entrepreneur, teacher, and writer most of my career.

  • I’ve taught business, economics, and statistical demand forecasting.
  • I’ve helped a local educational startup secure grants for international programs.
  • I ran a music school for 15+ years.
  • I owned an allergy-friendly bakery long before it was cool.
  • I wrote viral posts and grew a blog that helped creative entrepreneurs to make more money doing what they love.

But I always wanted an online business. So I dove into content marketing and SEO. I guest posted and launched a blog.

People started noticing my writing. And much to my surprise, they started hiring me to write for them and to coach them on their own writing. My blogging efforts launched me into a completely unexpected direction (but one I’m very happy with today.)

These days I use my superpowers to help companies, entrepreneurs, business experts, and thought leaders make a bigger impact by growing their authority and trust.

See, when you’re a public speaker or performer, you only have a few precious seconds to grab people’s attention, connect with your audience, and get a reaction before they get bored and move onto the next diversion.

Online content—or expert nonfiction books—are no different.  I like to imagine that my ultimate goal is to get a standing ovation from my readers.


I’m passionate about helping purpose-driven businesses whose success depends on building trust and authority in the marketplace.

I help you to plan and create strong, compelling content that

  • grows your audience and authority
  • attracts excited and responsive leads
  • builds loyalty
  • positions you as a go-to expert 

And I’m not here to collect a check and leave you hanging. Instead, I partner with you long-term to make sure that you get meaningful results and a positive return on your investment.


If we’re a good fit to work together, we’ll analyze your goals and the best ways for you to reach them. At that point, we’ll decide how to move forward with:

  • An achievable, results-oriented content strategy
  • Your attention-getting non-fiction expert book
  • Online content that Google—but most importantly, your readers—will love
  • A customized solution to meet your specific marketing or platform-building goals

When you book a strategy session with me, the plan we come up with is yours. You can implement it yourself or have me (or someone else) help you to implement it. Either way, you’ll be one step closer to your goals.

But you don’t have to take my word for it:


Imagine attracting your perfect clients, customers, or supporters 24/7.

Imagine spreading your message and making a real impact.

Stop wasting time and effort on tactics that aren’t working for you.

I’d love to help. It’s why I get up in the
morning. So set up a time to chat and let’s talk about your content marketing or book project.