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You want a nonfiction book that builds your authority. Start today.

Instant Authority For Your Mission-Driven Business

Are you a mission-driven entrepreneur, coach, business professional or expert who’s looking to level up?

Then you probably know that you need to build authority – and one of the best ways to do that is to write a powerful and engaging nonfiction book.

But writing a book is a pretty big commitment. So tell me…

  • Are you not sure how to start?
  • Have you started writing but hit a wall?
  • Are you pressed for time and want to avoid spinning your wheels for months or years?
  • Are you unsure how the whole book marketing and platform building game works?

If so, take heart.

Many aspiring business changemakers struggle with the same questions. Fortunately, you’re not alone. I’m here to help.

HOw It Works...

When you work with me to finish and publish your authority-building book, the marketing is baked in.

I never want a client of mine to publish a book that doesn’t grow their business and attract amazing opportunities!

I’m a marketing and business author coach who helps you:

1. Clarify your mission

Get readers excited about your ideas. Clearly communicate who you help and how you help them. Show people why you give a damn–and why they should too.  Promise and deliver a real transformation and result and create lifelong fans and followers.

2. Connect with readers

Lack of organization and focus is the #1 reason manuscripts are rejected at every stage of the publishing process. It’s also why many promising self-published authors simply give up (or get bad reviews!)

I’ll help you:

  • Focus your message so it’s powerful.
  • Frame your message so people “get it” and jump on board.
  • Finally, finesse your message so it makes an impact.

3. Amplify your reach

You need a platform, whether you’re self-publishing or traditionally publishing. So we’ll develop the marketing plan that’s best for you.

  • Set up systems to grow your audience on autopilot.
  • Step up your content game so it’s strong.
  • Show up consistently to drive more traffic to your site and to your expert book to attract more of your perfect clients and opportunities.
"I’ve known Leanne pretty much since I started doing any business at all on the internet, and always been blown away by her grasp of blogging and content marketing, as well as her general facility with all things in the sphere of getting attention online."

What HAPPENS WHEN your Book reaches your Ideal people...

Your credibility and authority skyrocket

Amazing professional and PR opportunities seek YOU out

You build the trust that creates loyal customers, clients, and supporters

You'll sell more books, products, and services

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Working with Writing That Resonates

It's easy to get started...

Step 1

We’ll do a 25-minute strategy session to analyze your current situation, figure out how you got here, clarify your future goals, and get you moving forward.

Step 2

Whether you’re writing your expert book or you want a ghostwriter to do it for you, we’ll look at your author and marketing platform goals, agree on a strategy to help you reach them, and identify the resources and support that you’ll need to achieve them.

Then we’ll develop your project plan and get ready to rock-n-roll!


Step 3

We’ll work closely together for several (usually 6-9) months. I’ll help you get unstuck, hone your message, stay on track, measure and report on your results, and make adjustments where needed–until you’re thrilled with your marketing progress and have a book ready to publish.

And don’t worry, we’ll have fun along the way! My goal is to be a valuable and trusted partner who helps you make the impact you dream of making.

"If there’s a perfect set of qualities for a writer, Leanne Regalla has them all."
"Leanne was a godsend to me when I didn’t know how to get going on writing my book."
Linda Ugelow
Presentation and Confidence Coach / Linda Ugelow

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