Customer Raves

I felt apprehensive about hiring a writer. But I desperately needed some help, so I decided to hire Leanne who was recommended to me.

Leanne quickly understood the purpose of my ebook and who my audience is. She asks excellent questions and is a good listener. I especially admire Leanne’s ability to get to grips with a large amount of information quickly and organize it in a coherent way.

I’m glad I got the chance to work with Leanne and highly recommend her. She is a pleasure to work with.

~ Henneke Duistermaat

Henneke Duistermaat
Irreverent Copywriter and Marketer / Enchanting Marketing

Leanne was a godsend to me when I didn’t know how to get going on writing my book. She helped me organize my hot mess into a solid outline and first draft of my book. She’s grounded and calming to work which gave me the confidence to do the job. I never felt judged, rather Leanne made me feel respected by her engaged interest in my topic and encouraged by her unwavering support.

Linda Ugelow
Presentation and Confidence Coach / Linda Ugelow

If there’s a perfect set of qualities for a writer, Leanne Regalla has them all. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her as a ghostwriter for the last few years. Her text is clear and direct. She understands the art of storytelling. Because of her career as a corporate trainer, she knows how to put herself in the role of the audience and what they need to understand. She can pull disparate elements into a cohesive whole, change tones to write to different audiences and quickly identify gaps in content flow.

Leanne excels at backing out to see the big picture, then drilling down to check the details. She has an intuitive ear for the right questions to ask the client.  Leanne has produced a variety of content from video tutorials, interviews and screencasts to short courses, sales pages and marketing funnel copy, always on deadline and with a smile. If you get a chance to work with Leanne, I highly recommend her.

Marsha Stopa
Assistant Instructor and Coach -, Assistant Instructor -, Community Manager - / Smart Blogger (formerly Boost Blog Traffic)

I’ve known Leanne pretty much since I started doing any business at all on the internet, and always been blown away by her grasp of blogging and content marketing, as well as her general facility with all things in the sphere of getting attention online. When we needed someone to head up our Smarter Artist (author eduction) wing, Leanne was my first choice. We had to badger her into joining us, and not give up until she agreed to let us hire her. Leanne and I had kicked around the same circles for a long time, and she’d already been working for one of the people I respect most in the world (not just a phenomenal person, but a flat-out business savant to boot). Credentials don’t get much better than that.

Leanne was an indispensable part of the Sterling & Stone team until we decided to close the entire Smarter Artist division down and focus instead on our core competency of writing more books. Anyone who hires her on should count themselves fortunate.

Johnny B. Truant

Thanks, Leanne! I think your edits and suggestions are fantastic, and I’ve accepted almost all of them. Out of everyone I know, you’re the person who I think has most internalized Jon Morrow’s way of writing popular posts, so I really value your feedback.

I also want to compliment you on all the SBO modules you’ve been turning out lately. I don’t know how you’re fitting in a close-to-10K-word super-informative and helpful mini-course each month on top of everything else you’re doing, but wow, you’re amazing! Well done, my friend. 🙂
Michelle Russell
Editor, Blogger / Michelle

Leanne Regalla has everything you need in a top-tier content marketer. She understands traffic and conversion, which is a baseline for anyone in this business. More importantly, Leanne cares about the craft, and is conscientious enough to never leave a job anything less than spectacularly well done. If I were hiring a someone for content marketing, I wouldn’t even need to blink before hiring Leanne.

Sean Platt

Leanne is one of our favorite writers at Smart Blogger. She has an engaging and empathetic writing style that draws readers in and keeps them interested.  She has a creative marketing mind and she can make complex and technical topics accessible even to beginners.

Leanne has gone the extra mile even when projects turned out to be larger and more involved than we anticipated. She’s created multi-media resources for us and served as a community manager as well – and the quality of instruction we’ve been able to offer has gone up as a result.

I highly recommend you work with Leanne.

Jon Morrow

Working with Leanne has been a game-changer. We initially approached her about taking on editing work for Ruzuku with the general goal of improving the quality of our blog content, and she has more than delivered. Leanne encourages continual improvement with each weekly blog post, and I learn something new each time I study her edits. She is professional, skillful, and a pleasure to work with. If you’re thinking about hiring her, just do it already — you won’t regret it.

Jessica Glendinning
Blog Editor and Content Writer / Ruzuku